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One-Day Contact Lenses


If you are interested in wearing one-day contact lenses to make keeping up with your eyecare easier, come see us at EYECARE for You. Located in Richboro, we're near enough to serve Newtown, Langhorne, Southampton, Holland, Yardley, and Northampton. Make an appointment for a contact lens exam so our optometrist can ensure you get the best lenses for your vision.

What Are One-Day Contacts?

If you need corrective lenses, you may have heard about one-day contacts. Also, called dailies, these contacts don't require you to wash them before using. After you wear these lenses for one day, you throw them away. A prescription comes with enough contacts for daily wear until you get a refill.

Why You May Want One Day Disposable Contacts

If you wear contacts, you may dread having to clean them. For reusable or extended wear contacts, you must thoroughly clean them to prevent infections that could seriously affect your vision. Daily wear contacts don't need regular cleaning, but this is not the only advantage of these contacts.

If you have eye allergies, using daily wear contacts could help your condition. When you discard the contacts each day, you also get rid of any allergens that might have settled on them during the day, preventing itchiness and redness from allergies.

Maybe you have worn contacts in the past and experienced irritation from the cleaning solution. This situation would make dailies a good option for you.

Your eye doctor may also recommend wearing one-day contacts if you only need them occasionally. Getting into the habit of properly cleaning your contacts is more difficult if you do not wear the lenses regularly.

Make an Appointment for an Eye Exam

Before you get contacts, you’ll need a contact lens exam. When you choose Dr. Joyce at EYECARE for You to get your contacts, you are selecting a specialist in the field. She has extensive experience fitting patients with the right contacts for their eyes and vision correction needs. Talk to her about whether one-day contact lenses are a good choice for you.

Make your appointment with us for a contact lens exam by calling our office at (215) 485-5384. If our office is closed, you can also submit a request and we will try to accommodate your desired time. We have extended hours and take Saturday appointments, too. If you're located in Yardley, Holland, Northampton, Southampton, Langhorne, Richboro, or Newtown, we're just a short drive away. Come visit our facility to get quality contacts and professional care.




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