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Eye Disease Management

Help for Managing Your Eye Disease

As with any disease, an eye disease left untreated can have major consequences. In the case of your eyes, the consequence is often blindness. Many eye diseases progress without noticeable symptoms or pain. You may not recognize any change in your vision until the disease becomes advanced. Regular eye exams by the professionals at EYECARE for You in Richboro, PA, can help detect issues that are developing before they become too serious.


The first step in eye disease management is having regular eye examinations.

What Are Some Different Types of Eye Diseases and Disorders?

  1. Myopia Myopia, or as it is commonly known as, nearsightedness, keeps a person from clearly seeing objects at a distance. Due to the physical structure of your eye, light cannot be focused correctly and your vision is blurred for distant objects. Myopia can be an inherited condition. It can also be the result of a lot of reading and computer work. People who do a lot of work that requires up close visual exertion are candidates for developing myopia. Your EYECARE for You optometrist has a variety of methods to determine the cause of your myopia. Myopia can be managed by prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Eye surgeries like LASIK or refractive surgery have been used to treat myopia. Orthokeratology uses specially made contact lenses that are worn at night to reshape the curvature of the cornea to allow the light entering the eye to be focused correctly. Various eye exercises can be used to help individuals having focusing problems due to stress related issues.  
  2. Dry Eye Syndrome You can develop dry eye syndrome if you do not have an adequate level of tears or if your tears are of low quality. Tears are important to keep your eyes clean. Tears provide lubrication and help with vision by keeping the surface of your eyes smooth and clear.  Dry eye syndrome can be caused by age as a person's amount of tear production decreases. Environmental conditions such as a lot of wind or a dry climate can evaporate your tears before they can do their job. Certain medical conditions can also contribute to dry eye.  Your tears are made up of three layers. Those three layers are oil, water, and mucus. Each layer serves an important purpose. If one the three layers is deficient, then a dry eye syndrome can result. Your eye doctor can diagnose the cause of your dry eye condition and help you to manage it. Artificial tears solutions or tear producing eye drops are common treatment methods. Other treatments keep your existing tears in your eyes longer. Some ointments or cleaners are used if you have problems with inflammation around the surface of your eye.  

Eye Disease Management at EYECARE for You

At EYECARE for You in Richboro, PA, we will develop a management plan suited to your eye disorder before it can cause serious damage. We serve the surrounding communities of Newtown, Langhorne, Southampton, Northampton, Holland, and Yardley. We offer a wide range of technologies and methods to provide optimum eye care for our community. Call us today to set up an appointment and let our professionals help you to protect your vision. 




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