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Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye is a condition that affects millions of people in the country today. Chronic dry eye is more common in seniors. However, more young adults are experiencing this problem due in part to excessive digital device use. If you think you may be experiencing dry eye syndrome, call Dr. Joyce at EYECARE for You at 215-485-4384. The following FAQs about dry eye can help you learn more about this condition.

woman getting examined for dry eye

What is Dry Eye?

People who have dry eye don’t produce enough tears or enough quality tears to nourish their eyes. As a result, their eyes are red, dry and itchy. Your eyes need tears to maintain good eye health and provide clear vision. Dry eye is extremely common today, especially among people who overuse digital devices.

What are Some Common Symptoms of Dry Eye?

If you have dry eye, you may experience such symptoms as dryness or excessive tearing, eye fatigue, burning sensation in your eyes, sensitivity to light, redness and blurry vision. For an accurate diagnosis of this condition, see your optometry specialist at EYECARE for You.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Various factors can contribute to this condition. In seniors, dry eye can be age-related. Other factors that can cause dry eye include:

• Excessive use of computers 

• Environmental elements like air pollution, wind, dry climate, etc.

• Certain types of auto-immune diseases

• Side effects of certain types of medication

How Can I Have Dry Eye if My Eyes Water So Much?

Strangely enough, excessive tearing is a common symptom of dry eye. If your eyes don’t retain moisture due to lack of quality tear production or rapid evaporation of tears, they compensate by producing low-quality tears. Unfortunately, these tears don’t have the makeup to keep your eyes lubricated.

How do I Cure Dry Eye?

There is no cure for dry eye to date. There are, however, treatment options to minimize symptoms. In mild cases, you can use OTC eye drops or ointments to alleviate the dryness. If you have a problem with excessive tear production, your Richboro or Newtown optometrist, Dr. Joyce, may suggest punctal plugs to block tears from draining out of your eyes.

For severe cases, we may recommend a Lipiflow procedure to unclog your eye glands, so they can secrete oil to lubricate your eye surface. Though effective, this treatment is not a cure by itself. It requires consistency and diligence from you at home to maintain a healthy tear film long-term.  By discussing treatment options with your optometrist, you can decide which would be best for you.

See Your Optometry Specialist at EYECARE for You

For diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome, call 215-485-5384 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathleen Joyce at EYECARE for You.

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