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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes at EYECARE for You

Dry eye syndrome is an uncomfortable affliction for anyone, but for wearers of contact lenses, it can seem like a nightmare. Many standard types of contact lenses can aggravate the dryness, itching, blurred vision, and other symptoms associated with this problem. If you've all but given up on being able to wear contacts, you'll be relieved to know that you can get specialized lenses that won't worsen your dry eyes. You'll find those lenses right here at EYECARE for You, proudly serving Richboro, Newtown, Langhorne, Southampton, Northampton, Holland, and Yardley.


Contact Lenses: A Challenge for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes typically suffer from either a lack of tears or an unbalanced tear film. You might simply not producing enough tears to keep your eyes hydrated, or your tears may not contain enough oil that normally prevents rapid evaporation of the water. Either way, without a proper tear film, your eyes will be itchy, red, light-sensitive, and prone to bouts of blurry vision. The last thing you need is for an additional irritant to enter the picture, especially one that makes your eyes even drier than they already were.

The wrong choice of contact lenses can create just such a problem. Some lenses don't do a good job of retaining moisture and/or transferring oxygen, increasing dryness and irritation. Simply placing contact lenses on dry eyes can prove highly uncomfortable. That doesn't mean that you can never wear contacts, but it does imply that you may need specialized contacts that succeed where standard contacts often fail.

Eye-Friendly Contact Lenses from Our Optometry Team

Our optometry team at EYECARE for You can confirm your dry eye syndrome while administering other aspects of a comprehensive eye and vision exam. If we know that you suffer from dry eye, we will discuss the different types of specialized contact lenses with you during your contact lens exam and fitting session. For instance, Silicon hydrogel contact lenses are made of special materials that increase the amount of oxygen that passes through to the eyes, reducing irritation in sensitive eyes. They also retain more moisture than standard contacts. Scleral contacts cover the entire cornea of the eye while also providing a reservoir for the tear film, preserving eye moisture. Ortho-K lenses only need to be worn at night, reshaping your corneas for lens-free daytime vision and reducing your contact lens usage.

Yes, You Can Wear Contact Lenses, Thanks to EYECARE for You

Richboro, Newtown, Langhorne, Southampton, Northampton, Holland, and Yardley dry eye patients can indeed wear contact lenses. Call EYECARE for You at (215) 485 - 5384 to learn more!

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